Teaching Philosophy 

My goal is not only to awaken the inner musician for each student, but to also give them a different lens to interpret and perform music. Students will utilize the fundamental skills to further develop their own creative take on various aspects of the classical music repertoire while also enjoying the main principle of freedom throughout the course of lessons and cultivate their own journey of discovery through music education.


For lessons, we will cover many topics discussed in various standard oboe etude books (Barret Oboe Methods, Geckler Oboe Methods, etc.) as well as utilizing technical fundamentals to progress technically and musically. To accompany the technical growth, various solo and collaborative works will be weaved in to display their technicality and musicality in different scenarios. 

Reed Making

One challenging and rewarding aspect of being an oboist is having the opportunity to craft reeds. Reed making is only introduced by the curiosity of the student and the willingness to develop and maintain this skill. While daunting, through methodized instruction, we will take the elements of sound and tone production that we build in with fundamentals to help cultivate a unique oboe sound through the process of learning how to make a reed. 

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